We are getting married in New York City on November 14th, 2012 and are excited to share our joy (and all of the accompanying details and marginalia!) with you, our family and friends.

Anaïs and Ian

As of 8:58 this morning, we are officially licensed to get married! So tomorrow morning will be the big (little) event. We are very excited and grateful for everyone’s love and support.

After leaving the really surprisingly lovely City Clerk’s Marriage Bureau (so many adorable couples including the cutest older gay men in matching tortoiseshell frames!), we made our way into the drizzly morning for some bagels and lox (“beggels” if you’re Ian) at NY staple Russ & Daughters along with some dark chocolate covered salted caramels that taste surprisingly (but wonderfully) orangey. We don’t have pictures of this monumental breakfast or the pastrami sandwich Ian got from Katz’s because we are monsters.

Yesterday, after seeing Lincoln (so good! I cried!), we made our way to Luke’s Lobster so Ian could have his first real lobster roll (and shrimp roll!). He was not disappointed to say the least and I was pretty thrilled at the music selections that night (Magnetic Fields, New Order, Joy Division). Also, we may have paid Shake Shack a late night visit because c’mon.

Look for our wedding mix tomorrow as well as the first photos of the Mr. and Mrs.!

  2. yoconozco said: I KNEW THOSE WERE FROM LUKE’S BEFORE I EVEN READ THE CAPTION! congrats to you both! :)
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